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ANP How-To
Updated: May 10, 2008 - v0.1b

Note: This How-To is also available in the ANP package

ANP (Amarok Now Playing Plugin for XChat) is a C plugin which displays the currently playing song in Amarok in the form /ME Rocks: Artist - Title [Album]. The available commands are:

/ANP display the currently playing song
/ANPMSG [MESSAGE] change the default 'Rocks:' message to be sent; the message may have between 2 and 32 characters. If no MESSAGE is supplied, the command returns the currently set message
/ANPMENU [0|1] toggle showing ANP menu; if no value is supplied, the command returns the current value (0 or 1)
/ANPHELP show brief help about ANP
/ANPABOUT show ANP about dialog

/PLAY start playing a song in Amarok
/PAUSE pause Amarok
/STOP stop playing in Amarok

To load the script automatically when XChat starts, copy the file into your ~/.xchat2 directory, where ~ is your home directory.

To compile ANP, go to the 'src' directory and run the compile.bash script, or manually type:
gcc -Wl,--export-dynamic -Wall -O1 -shared -fPIC main.c -o
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