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XNP - Complete List of Commands

/XNP message the current channel/query
/XNPS message the current channel/query in a very simplistic format
/XNPSTATS message the current channel/query informations about the Amarok collection
/XNPINFO echo in the current window informations about the current playing track and collection
/TOGGLE_ALBUM toggle displaying the album
/TOGGLE_YEAR toggle displaying the year
/TOGGLE_TRACK toggle displaying the track
/TOGGLE_LENGTH toggle displaying the length
/TOGGLE_BITRATE toggle displaying the bitrate
/TOGGLE_SIZE toggle displaying the size
/TOGGLE_SHOW_MENU toggle the XNP menu ON/OFF
/ALL_ON toggle ON displaying all the informations
/ALL_OFF toggle OFF displaying all the informations
/BROWSER1 change the help browser to Firefox
/BROWSER2 change the help browser to Epiphany
/BROWSER3 change the help browser to Konqueror
/BROWSER4 change the help browser to Opera
/XNPHOWTO open the XNP How-To
/XNPFAQ open the XNP FAQ
/XNPVOL change Amarok volume to any value (ie. /XNPVOL 73)
/XNPMUTE mute Amarok
/XNPMAX change Amarok volume to maximum (100%)
/XNPVOL1 change Amarok volume to 10%
/XNPVOL2 change Amarok volume to 20%
/XNPVOL3 change Amarok volume to 30%
/XNPVOL4 change Amarok volume to 40%
/XNPVOL5 change Amarok volume to 50%
/XNPVOL6 change Amarok volume to 60%
/XNPVOL7 change Amarok volume to 70%
/XNPVOL8 change Amarok volume to 80%
/XNPVOL9 change Amarok volume to 90%
/XNPPLAY start playing a track in Amarok
/XNPPAUSE pause Amarok
/XNPSTOP stop Amarok
/XNPPREV select/play previous track in Amarok
/XNPNEXT select/play next track in Amarok
/XNPRUN run Amarok
/XNPQUIT quit Amarok
/XNPMODES echo in the current window which informations are ON and which are OFF
/XNPABOUT show the about message box
/XNPHELP show help about the XNP script

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