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Note: This FAQ is available in the XNP package and on the Project LSP page.
Version: 0.1a - Jan 18, 2007

What is XNP?
XNP is a Perl script for XChat capable of showing lots of informations about the current playing track in Amarok and the collection.

How do I use it?
To install it manually, copy the file and the xnp-help directory into your ~/.xchat2 directory. To install it running a single command, use the script by typing ./install_xnp. Close XChat or load the script manually then type /XNP in any XChat channel or query while Amarok is running.

How do I load XNP automatically when XChat starts?
Copy the file into your ~/.xchat2 directory, where ~ is your home directory.

What does XNP stand for anyway?
It stands for XChat Now Playing.

When I try to uncompress it an error appears
You probably are in the wrong directory. If the error is something like tar: xnp-0.8.3.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory use the cd command to change the current working directory to the one where you saved the xnp-0.8.3.tar.gz archive.

Where can I find more help about XNP?
You can use the /XNPHOWTO, /XNPFAQ and /XNPHELP commands in XChat or just browse inside the ~/.xchat2/xnp-help directory.

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