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This site is the official homepage for several XChat scripts like ANP (Amarok Now Playing), XNP (XChat Now Playing) or XMMX. All scripts included on this page are part of Project LSP (Linux Scripts and Plugins), and all downloads are available through SourceForge at the Project LSP download page.

XChat Scripts - Made in Perl

XNP 0.8.4 - Feb 05, 2009

XNP (XChat Now Playing for Amarok 1.4) is a script that displays info about the currently playing track in Amarok and the audio collection. It is highly configurable through many commands and has a graphical menus interface.

- the standard command displays the track's title, artist, album, year, track number, length, bitrate and size
- it has the possibility to customise which fields are displayed and which not
- it features a command to show the now playing status in a minimal format (Artist - Track)
- it features the possibility to echo in the current window all the information without sending it to a channel/query
- it provides a system through which you can control Amarok from within XChat by using either commands or the XNP menu
- the script uses the DCOP interface to communicate with Amarok
- How-To and FAQ included
- the script supports Amarok 1.4 (no Amarok 2.0 support yet)

Use it only on channels where announcing is allowed.

Screenshot of XNP standard command

Screenshot of XNP menu

Output of the /XNPHELP command

You may also want to read the XNP How-To and the XNP FAQ.
Update: View the complete list of commands here.

Whois Notify 0.2.1 - Jan 15, 2008

This plugin performs a /WHOIS command each time a person in your notify list comes online.

XChat Plugins - Made in C

ANP 0.2.4 - May 10, 2008

ANP (Amarok Now Playing) is an XChat plugin that shows the currently playing song in Amarok in the form: /ME Rocks: Artist - Title [Album]. You can customise the message to be set, so instead of the default 'Rocks:' message, you can put whatever message you want. It also has menus and three commands to control Amarok from within XChat, /PLAY, /PAUSE and /STOP.

This new version features a new command, /ANPMENU, to toggle showing the menu, a How-To and a FAQ, which you can find in the 'doc' directory.

Screenshot of ANP display message

Screenshot of ANP menu

Read the ANP How-To here. If you want a script which includes more options for displaying the current Amarok song (like album, bitrate, size and more), use XNP below.

XMMX 0.1.1 - Jan 11, 2008

XMMX is a simple now playing script for XMMS. It displays the currently playing song in XMMS in the form: /ME Rocks: Artist - Title [XMMS]. You will need the libxmms-perl library. See the README file for details.

Screenshot of XMMX display message

New! XEP (XChat Enhancement Pack) 0.2.0 - Jan 28, 2008

XChat Enhancement Pack is a Perl script designed to improve the XChat experience. This version includes the command /PJ for parting and rejoining a channel, and /NP, to show the playing song in Amarok or XMMS.

It also features:
* Auto-Whois when a person in your Notify List comes online
* Show notices in current window

This script is currently under development, so many more commands and features will be introduced in next versions.

Irssi Scripts

ANP for Irssi 0.1.0 - May 06, 2008

This is the first version of Amarok Now Playing for Irssi. It's very basic, displaying the info as 'Artist - Title'. To load it, copy the file into ~/.irssi/scripts/ and type in any Irssi window '/run anp_irssi'. Use the /ANP command in a channel or query to announce the currently playing song.

Output of the /ANP command in Irssi

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